Proper finishing associated with dissertation: conclusions, sources and accessories

Proper finishing associated with dissertation: conclusions, sources and accessories

The conclusions lay out the most crucial scientific and practical results gotten in the dissertation, which added to re solving a problem that is scientific. When you look at the conclusions, it is crucial to focus on quantitative indicators regarding the total results received and substantiation of this reliability of this outcomes. The next recommendations tend to be formulated when it comes to medical and practical utilization of the outcomes obtained.

Make use of list of utilized sourced elements of literary works

The menu of used sources is made by one of several following methods:

  • in the near order of the look of recommendations within the text;
  • in alphabetical purchase associated with the surnames of this first writers or games;
  • in chronological purchase.

The appendices range from the additional material required for completeness associated with the dissertation’s perception:

  • Intermediate proofs that are mathematical remedies and calculations;
  • tables of auxiliary data that are digital
  • protocols and functions of tests, implementation, computations of this effect that is economic
  • instructions and methodology, information of algorithms and programs of problem solving with the aid of digital processing suggests created throughout the procedure of the dissertation work;
  • illustrations of additional character.

Accessories is supplied like a part that is separate, guide). The amount of programs must not meet or exceed the amount associated with dissertation).

Basic technical needs for the dissertation

The quantity for the main text associated with dissertation for getting the scientific degree should be 11-13 copies associated with author’s (for general public and humanitarian sciences – 15-17 writer’s worksheets). The quantity for the text that is main of dissertation for the degree of the prospect of sciences must be 4.5-7 sheets (for general public and humanitarian sciences – 6.5-9 author’s worksheets).

The full total number of the dissertation decided by your order of awarding scientific levels additionally the awarding for the educational name of a researcher that is senior maybe not include annexes, directory of re sources made use of, tables and illustrations that totally cover the region of this web page.

The quantity of 11-13 author’s reports corresponds to 264-312 pages, the quantity of 15-17 copyright sheets – 360-408 pages. The amount of 4,5-7 author’s papers corresponds to 108-168 pages, the quantity of 6,5-9 writer’s sheets – 156-216 pages.

The dissertation is im printed in a way that is typewritten with a printer using one side of the sheet of white paper of A4 format (210×297 mm) through two spaced intervals. For composing dissertations, ordinary (non-portable) typewriters are used when printing-in 2 periods (equivalent to an interlaced interval of 1.5 cm) on A4 dimensions paper or computers making use of fonts associated with keyword editor with a one. 5 line spacing.

The height that is minimum of font is 1.8 mm. When printing on a portable computer, the days brand New Roman font can be used to utilize the 14-bit text dimensions Word font (font dimensions). The writing associated with dissertation needs to be im printed, making the fields for the sizes that are following the remaining – for around 20-25 mm, the best – for around 10 mm, the top of – for around 20 mm, the underside – no less than 20 mm. Amount of rows per page is up to thirty rows per page.

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